From our founder to the entire team, CCI’s experienced people are thoroughly versed in the complexities of building and fire departments, and the intricacies of code compliance. Always current and prepared, we are ready to step in and support often understaffed and overworked building and fire departments. Our certified plan examiners and knowledgeable engineers ensure thorough and timely plan reviews and building inspections.


Our principal, Philip Goddard is a Certified Building Official and has over 30 years of experience in codes administration, including nine years as the Chief Building Official of a building department and four years as a Senior Plans Examiner and Assistant Building Official of a Denver Metro area building department. Our staff have an intimate understanding of building and fire department functions and code administration issues. Our experience in setting up and organizing building departments, and providing administrative support for fire departments gives our clients the expertise that is needed for administrative issues that they may be facing.


While most building departments are staffed with certified, trained and dedicated individuals, it is very common to see understaffed departments striving to meet their required duties to provide inspections & plan reviews as demanded by the construction industry. Often both the inspection staff and the construction industry are frustrated when inspections are not made the day requested. We can address these issues with plan review and inspection services performed either on an “as-needed” or full-time basis.


Plan review service levels can become heavy enough that the local building department can experience backlogs of plans and long turn around times. Our plan review services are a cost effective way to supplement the department’s staff resources. We also offer expedited review services to the permit applicant for an additional fee and have the resources to keep plan review turn-around times short consistently. We employ qualified engineers to perform reviews in addition to certified plans examiners. Our turn-around times vary according to the size and complexity of the project, and we can accommodate your schedule.


We provide backup inspection services for building departments or full-time inspection services as needed. CCI is your ideal partner when it comes to inspections services – always flexible and ready when you need us.