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I-Need-A Exit (Big Box Stores and Egress)

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Think about it – where did you last go shopping? Most likely, it was a big box store. We are generations of code and style from the Woolworth model allowing for easy views of trees, weather conditions, and cute young couples holding hands while "window shopping." Nowadays, the box store entrance sucks the unwary in with promises of “money saving ideas and products,” but where are the exits??

Avoiding Code Pitfalls

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Every building project is a complicated mixture of moving parts: people, materials, equipment and, of course, cash.  To go well, much less right, means that all of the constantly moving parts are in sync over an often-extended period of time.  One of the key elements of any construction project are the many laws that must be adhered to, the codes, that govern the construction process to ensure the building is safe and secure for its occupants and visitors.  Code compliance – building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire, energy efficiency, accessibility – requires a builder’s constant at

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