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Written by Phil Goddard on 10/04/18
Header image for How to determine "Type of Construction" for your project

You already have a design concept in mind and now you are discussing with the owner whether to construct using steel, concrete, wood, masonry or a combination of these. At this stage, you will want to check the code implications the selection of materials will have on your design. First,...Read more

Written by Phil Goddard on 3/27/18
Header image for Glass: Glazings and Fire-Ratings

Over 100 years ago architects and designers had a problem. Beautiful homes with ornate skylights, glass-walled atriums and tropical greenhouses were in high demand despite the growing number of injuries that resulted when skylight, atrium and greenhouse glass was broken in storms and natural causes. Their first attempt was to...Read more

Written by Phil Goddard on 10/12/17
Header image for Code Confusion Pt. 2 - Fireblocking vs. Draftstopping

“Concealed Spaces” in the International Building Code (IBC) lends itself to confusion at times, but especially when the topic of fireblocking vs. draftstopping comes up. Let me explain the what, where, and how of applying these safety features to your plan designs. WHAT As a first step, let’s...Read more

Written by Phil Goddard on 9/21/17
Header image for Code Confusion Pt. 1: Building Classifications + Fire Ratings

One of the most frequent misunderstandings we’ve uncovered in our clients at Code Consultants International (CCI) is confusion regarding fire resistive construction and types of construction classification in the International Building Code (IBC). This is where a CCI plan review saves projects time and money, since we are familiar with...Read more

Written by Phil Goddard on 7/19/17
Header image for A Closer Look: Grenfell Tower Fire

One of the tragedies of this year was the horrific fire in a west London high-rise apartment building on June 14. The fire took the lives of at least 80 people and caused more than 70 injuries. The fire reportedly spread from an apartment on the fourth floor, climbed outside...Read more