We work hand in hand with project owners and management, offering the range of design support services that assure the final built environment is code compliant, safe and energy efficient.  With significant expertise in current building, fire, and energy codes, as well as the latest green building technology, CCI offers smart and creative solutions to potential code issues. 


Before committing valuable resources, a CCI conceptual code review will help you avoid costly mistakes by performing a quick code check on your design assumptions and sketch plan where type of construction, occupancy, height and area, exterior wall protection, egress, accessibility and other relevant issues are addressed. 

  • Code Narrative Development
  • Fire & Life Safety Review
  • Accessibility Review
  • Building Area Calculations
  • Occupancy Classification
  • Type of Construction Classification
  • Means of Egress Evaluation
  • Building Site Plan Review
  • Code Summary Documentation
  • Custom Code Training